My Blog page!
Zexogon (609)

my first html project!
a blog page that ill be updating every now and then
it will contain links to projects social media stories and more

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PowerCoder (188)

Stop using buttons as your thing to redirect to pages! Use the anchor tag.
(<a href='link'></a>.)
Then, if you do that, add the atrubutte: target='_blank', so that the link brings you to a new window. And for styling on the anchor tags, you can use text-decoration:none, to get rid of the underline. You can use "color:(whatever color you want)," to not make it by default blue.

Zexogon (609)

@PowerCoder ill look into this but im very very new to html and stepped outside my comfort zone but thanks so much for the feedback i will 100% look into this also i really like buttons sorry