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My First Website
BlueComet (116)


Hi everyone, this is my first website and I'm really proud of it because I put so much effort and time into it. The website includes articles, the date, and clicker game, and so much more.


In my home page, I have included images and text, centered with flexbox. It's about things that I like such as surfing, sushi, and programming.


In my about page, I continue to talk about things I like for example I like pokemon, Mythology, and much more.


In my projects page I have a link to my projects such as a US capitals quiz, a super advanced calculator, My first projects in JS, and a text adventure.


In my articles page I made it out of JS, I have an article for every game in the projects section besides my text adventure. I explained how I made it.
Here's an example


In my demo section I made a JS clicker in which you must click the logo to make it bigger. If you click it enough times it will cover up the page.

Roar123 (431)

Pretty cool for a first website - the clock and JS clicking thing are a nice touch!