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My New Blog + Third-Party HTML Template Compatiblity
RayhanADev (398)

My New Blog!

Hello Community, I am proud to present my new blog That Space Blog that I am editing/hosting on! Space is something that I love talking about, so I thought “Hey, might as well share my thoughts with the world” and that’s what this is. From space itself to concept ideas to new technology, I plan to cover it all in this blog. I also have a space gallery that I am working on daily adding new pictures. Perhaps you might want to visit?

Third-Party HTML Template Compatibility

The template that I’m using for this blog is Pure Elegance by EliteFingers, a WordPress Template group from a long time ago. I added in all the files and thought several things might break that I would have to fix, but extraordinarily everything worked exactly as it should. It was exciting! I think I can say that most (if not all) Third-Party HTML templates work in flawlessly. Go and try your own!

Anyways, that’s my piece for the day. If you have anything you would like to say, drop it in the comments and I’ll be sure to look at it. Also, the website has CSS & HTML for a search feature, but I’ve been struggling with actually creating it. I don’t want to use MySQL or any other database if it can’t be done within or another online thing. If you have any ideas please tell me!”

HyperGamerStuds (104)

Sup bruh, I ported ULTIMATE DOOM to Repl....