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My RPG Game made in lua (Luagame)
Altarias (41)

Creative title, Bad code conventions but still a playable build of the project.
It was corrupted 2 times because of weird bugs with the git integration.
I am still pretty proud.

amasad (3035)

The git bugs are bugs? What exactly happened?

Altarias (41)

@amasad I am actually unsure if they are even bugs, maybe I just switched branches without committing and pushing because I forgot. I actually have no clue how/what happened there. Thanks for the attempted support anyways.

BenWood (1)

Once you hit 0 MP, you can't do anything to recover MP (if I attempt to do Magic to select Focus, I am forced to attack with a weapon instead!).

Can this be fixed? ^_^

Altarias (41)

@BenWood Yes it can. Didn't notice that because I didn't check the battle function a lot. Thanks for reporting it.
Edit: It should be fixed now.

Nafis004 (2)

is so trash man u need to do better,

jk is reeallly good lm f a o

Altarias (41)

@Nafis004 No, You are right, I need to refactor it a bit.


ooo, exit menu looks really nice

sycrepl (10)

Sir, when you get a game over screen your health doesn't reset. When I start a new game, I start with negative HP in fights. Can't play the game a second time.

Altarias (41)

@sycrepl Oh yes, Thank you for reporting this issue. I will fix it when I have the time to do it.

Altarias (41)

@AScantzos Now would you look at that. What does every RPG Game have? Exactly, RNGs. Thank you for posting here anyays.

epicman702 (223)

Man this is SO AWESOME!

LiamDonohue (295)

Hi. I am working on something like this. is it ok if i use this as inspiration?

Altarias (41)

@LiamDonohue Yes, but please just use it as inspiration, don't just copy and paste the code somewhere. Thanks.

DartZII (990)

This is great! I love it :3