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My School’s Robotics Page
RayhanADev (344)

Another responsive site. This time for my school. Updating it with some pictures as we go through our robotics project.


  • Responsive
  • Animated
  • Single-Page!

Comments or Suggestions?

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elipie (97)

hmm... this one language... I do not know...

RayhanADev (344)

@elipie It’s filler text. Lorem ipsum dolor? Google it to find out more!

elipie (97)

@RayhanADev ... is that a code language? I do not understand trying to be funny

ethanshaozz1928 (24)

do you take part in vex competitions?

pepelaugh (429)

Where'd you get the template? looks pretty cool

Jeydin21 (35)

Damn! This is epic! I love the way the website opens, it moves in such a fluid way. Enjoy an upvote from me! This is so cool. Keep it up!

RayhanADev (344)

@realTronsi Danke!
I really think I should move on from HTML though. Nobody notices my websites even though I put so much effort into them...

realTronsi (250)

@RayhanADev it's not about the fame imo, besides most people don't realize how hard web design is :) (personally I struggle with it lmao)

RayhanADev (344)

@realTronsi It’s not fame, just acknowledgment that I e x i s t. I worked with HTML for a while so I know a couple of tricks I just casually sneak in.

realTronsi (250)

@RayhanADev ah, maybe you could play around with NodeJS and try to make a login system for a challenge