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My State of The Art Hangman-But-It's-In-Your-Console Game
Jackbaklava (19)

Wassup peeps!!! I made this word guessing game after learning how to code for 2 months. I tried my best on it and worked for a whole week. I hope you like it!!!

PS. @Bookie0 , @enigmaCoder100 , @Coder100 , @DynamicSquid , and every other member of the community, any feedback on improvement or remarks would be appreciated!!!

Bookie0 (3666)

It’s great!
But also btw you shouldn’t really ping all these people for feedback; they’ll come them selves if they want to...

Jackbaklava (19)

@Bookie0 Oops, my bad! I thought I could ping other people.

Bookie0 (3666)

yea, i dont think you should ping them without a reason ;)