My best/messiest code so far (work in progress)
etian (31)

So as no one knows, for school I've been working on a tic tac toe game and its pretty fun! I tried doing some coding now but I look through all the code and its completely fine but I guess my home wifi is too laggy. :/

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Ok game I guess.
A few suggestions:
1. Use std::this_thread::sleep_for and std::chrono::duration (seconds, milliseconds, microseconds) to make your code more readable. It is cleaner than using usleep and milliseconds (and a seemingly random amount of MS at that)
2.Split up your file into classes / namespaces if needed.
3. Format the document with tabs and spaces. It looks bad to the eyes if it isn't formatted properly.
4. for "void begone()", you can use std::fill instead of a for loop

These are just comments on the code, as the code doesn't actually run.