The Big City V1.3, a remake of the fishing game!
Ov3R10rd (64)

In this game, you are a new citizen in pixel city. You start as a humble fisherman, and move your way up to mayor. Good luck! Credits to Amelia Blackwell! I have finished the fisherman part, but I am working on the next level up!

100% made by me!
Fishing idea by Amelia Blackwell!
Have fun, and be sure to share your ideas!

Just the fishing game, there is a fish mart, shop, and fishing area to make money.

Added a whole new building, and workers!
These little guys can help you catch more fish than usual by giving you a 2,3 or 4 fish boost, depending on the amount of workers.
You can hire workers for 5,000 gold each in the new building!

Added the user input bait system!
This means that you can buy your own bait once instead of having to purchase multiple
packs more than once!
Fixed the price for the 3rd bait option.
Nerfed the fisherman price by 50%.

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DrCereal (0)

My biggest criticism is that, in its current state, this game is a grind simulator. You need to make the game more interactive with the player. Simply going to different locations to press numbers gets extremely tedious and boring about a minute into playing.

Ov3R10rd (64)

@DrCereal Sorry... I tried my best on the game

DrCereal (0)

@Ov3R10rd Don't be sorry, man; it's just criticism.

Do something like add more things to do when walking around. Make the player think at shops. (Variable prices?) Make fishing a challenge. Just make the game less monotonous and it'd be great.

Sorry if I was a bit harsh. I'm just trying to help you out.

Ov3R10rd (64)

@DrCereal Ok I will try to fix the game, but I did try and make the game as a grinder styled game, a remake of the fishing game(by ameliaBlackwell), which was a grinder.

I am interested to in the player thinks feature you said, explain it! I think it could be a good idea for this game!