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My first code!
Jonas25 (11)

I’m trying to learn how to code and this is my first time

MustafaAlobaidi (3)

the video that you watched to make this is the same video that i watched to learn python :) good job keep going.

Thecrowbar1234 (146)

@MustafaAlobaidi Yeah I watched the same thing when I was learning.

Uzalii (437)

Pretty good for a beginner

Thecrowbar1234 (146)

you followed the learn python in 4 hours didn't you? Still, very cool.


Pretty good for a beginner! Next up: loops.

Thehappysquid (33)

This is cool! Good job!

RababRahman (0)

ASSCII art was the first project that we did in python for computer science

JoyGu (0)

wow you did better than me when I first started!!! Even though I went to a python coding class...

ipastrano (245)

Good start! Keep making programs!