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My first code
CarpeDiem13 (17)

This is my first code:
My teacher is @DJWang. Thank you so much for your generosity and patience as a teacher!

I have a lot to learn!

DJWang (1246)

@CarpeDiem13 Great job! I'm proud of you, and keep up the good work!

ChezTacoz (337)

This is a lot better than my first code! Lol

studentAlfredAl (435)

Great start! Keep up the great work! :D

dillonjoshua68 (70)

Honestly, u’ve done better than me

dillonjoshua68 (70)

The only thing u could try to challenge ur self with is to try and make a while loop or for loop,
printing all the prime numbers in between 1-100
Hint: initialize a variable called number before the loop and set it =1

DungeonMaster00 (149)

You do have a lot to learn, but your off to a good start.

TheDrone7 (1446)

Hey, I've unlisted this for now but because it is fairly low-effort but keep learning and make something new and great! This post will still be accessible using the link - but it won't be shown on the listing at

MarblesAndMore (58)

That's better then I can do and I've been coding for almost a year now, wow.


Great ChatBot
I'm also working on one at the moment.

syflexer (467)

@ZainJ uhhh this isnt a chat bot

dillonjoshua68 (70)

@syflexer, pretty much, it’s sorta similar, but only answers specified questions depending on the name, so it’s like an attendance bot

dillonjoshua68 (70)

Just to check the attendance

syflexer (467)

@dillonjoshua68 no part of its a bot tho its just if statements it doesn't go respond to anything using a mural network

dillonjoshua68 (70)

@syflexer just one question.... instead of concactenating the strings, you can just put a (,) ya?

dillonjoshua68 (70)

For example, in the

Print part

print(‘hello, ‘+name+’ ‘!’)
Instead we could write/print
print(‘hello’, name)