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My first program
KadenKestler (51)

It’s my first program so don’t judge.

Wilke000 (486)

@KadenKestler this:

and then this:


Wilke000 (486)

And you don't have hacker plan!!!???

NishyTheFishy (9)

Ok I understand your new and all I'm not saying your bad, but how did this get 40 upvotes?

DannyIsCoding (663)

Your first program and 33 upvotes! Congrats!

CodingCactus (3040)

@DannyIsCoding how are your idea for goose 2 going?

DannyIsCoding (663)

@CodingCactus I have the idea, now it's work in progress. I plan on making it the 300 cycles special. Thanks for asking!

DannyIsCoding (663)

@CodingCactus Thank you! but the work is gonna go a little slow, because of online school.

unguest (0)

You may use the last format string option proposed by Python :
print(f"Oh! So you're {name} ! But your {age} so I can't trust you. OK bye!")

Haizi (8)

This is a good first program!

PXY (46)

For a first program, this is great!


Nice program! Just one point that annoys me as a perfectionist is that it's "you're" not "your"

DynamicSquid (3620)

4 lines of code gets 30 upvotes, but this awesome tutorial about advanced variadic templates that took days to write only gets 2 upvotes...

xxpertHacker (390)

@DynamicSquid Pff lmao. I was gonna separate that soon, maybe start a C++ series next month. @KadenKestler would you care to join?

DS, did you even read it?

AncientBison (65)

@DynamicSquid I like how you advertise your things on large posts also... your correct.

DynamicSquid (3620)

@AncientBison It's not mine, it's @StudentFires. And I'm not talking about his post only, there are many great underrated tutorials out there.

AncientBison (65)

@DynamicSquid Are you going to do a 300 cycle special?

DynamicSquid (3620)

@AncientBison i never said you were mean, and no, maybe a 500 one though :)

AncientBison (65)

@DynamicSquid I am sorry i thought that is what you meant and happy 300 cycles

ElliotUffens (1)

I approve of all but the "your" which should be "you're".
Sorry about the grammar policing but I'm too cool not to help :)


I'm starting Python Turtle and you can use the tutorial videos on your home page down below.

isaacproskils (6)

Good job this was a pretty good one

Axrevyn (223)

A fix would be to use int(input("How old are you?")) instead of a normal input()

DarkEquinox (0)

Use INT and INPUT for Age then it will be better

TresdenSchaffer (1)

dis is noice for a first repl, good job

KadenKestler (51)

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’m gonna try and learn JavaScript now.


it's cool!

InfinixbOYk42 (4)

Good For Beginner I Like Your Creation

mo2409 (14)

@KadenKestler You should do an if statement like so: if age == <18:
print("Blah, Blah")

The if statement checks if the Integer typed is less than 18 if so... Then it print's something like "Your too young or something..?" or else-if the int typed is greater than 18 then, continue on with the next string.

DSAEvan (4)

how about:

age = int(input(How old are you? Type in a integer))

Iliya456 (4)

Well that's simple

ateam (6)

@AncientBison , I wonder that too why people write in python and not in js. Thanks for clearing it up @KadenKestler

Warhawk947 (523)

cool! Nice first program!

Thecrowbar1234 (136)

python has a lot more uses than you think, in fact, youtubes back end is python

AncientBison (65)

@Thecrowbar1234 It can be helpful but it is not usually used

xxpertHacker (390)

@Thecrowbar1234 Python can be used for almost anything any other language can be used for, it's just that it's not very good at it, and it has a very specific niche. But there are plenty of Python web servers.

pysaundary (2)

print("Who are you?")
name = input("what is your name? ")
age = input("how old are you? ")
print("Oh! So you're {0} , But your {1} so I can't trust you. OK bye!".format(name,age))

AncientBison (65)

@pysaundary Not many people know about format but I like format alot :)

Jakman (455)

@AncientBison lots of people know about format my friend.

Jakman (455)

@AncientBison just not beginners usually

AncientBison (65)

@Jakman Ummmm......... not many people know how to code so a percentage of them know python and a percentage of them know format...

Jakman (455)

@AncientBison oh. I thought that you meant only programmers. also formatting is in every language man.

Jakman (455)

@AncientBison yeah almost all middle to high level langs support string formatting.