The Repl Report II
Futuristics (40)

Hey Guys! I am starting something new called the Repl Report! This is basically a newspaper, and you can keep up to date with what's happening in Repl. And since I can't do everything alone, I am asking you guys to give me some stories or advertisements about things that are happening in Repl. And I will also advertise your projects! And make sure to upvote this so more people see.

There is now an additional news feature where you can actually see the news now. And Projects are now being featured in the New Popular Projects!

Oh, and it works best in the new tab feature. :)

The other Repl Reports:
The Repl Report Volume I

The Repl Report Volume II

The Repl Report Volume III

The Repl Report Volume IV

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Futuristics (40)

@NarwhalFanatic Can We Chat Regarding the CSS?

NarwhalFanatic (22)

@Futuristics!!! Yes we can! I got my email verified!
On to the CSS, take all of it, take none of it. (Sorry for not being able to talk sooner.)

Futuristics (40)

@NarwhalFanatic It’s Okay. So what I wanted to discuss was the fact that this CSS that you made was really good. But, as you can probably see, I am not that good at implementing CSS. So when I tried to implement your CSS into the newer version of the Repl Report. It didn’t work and the menu bar stopped working when I added a new menu. So sorry for the inconvenience if too are not able to do so, but I am wondering whether you could do something or help me with implementing the CSS? Thanks in advance!

NarwhalFanatic (22)

@Futuristics I would love to help! Just invite me to the repl and i will try my best to implement it!.

Do you want me to add the fonts??

NarwhalFanatic (22)

@Futuristics implemented the nav bar css! Need any help on anything else??

Futuristics (40)

@NarwhalFanatic The Repl Report III has now been realeased! In this volume, we talk about some actual news that happened in Repl regarding the new rules! And several new projects are now alo be featured on our site! So feel free to come and upvote so more people see! I mentioned you as well!