Web browser made with PyQt5
UniqueOstrich18 (243)

This is a web browser made in Python using PyQt5. This was originally made in Python 2.7 but that would not work in repl.it. So after converting the whole thing into Python 3 and fixing some bugs, I got it working. More info about the project is available below. Click the rectangle on the top of the window to fullscreen the browser.


  • Multiple tabs
  • Forward/backwards buttons
  • Download manager (sort of)
  • Bookmarks bar
  • Adjustable zoom
  • Support for cookies
  • Chromium based browser engine


  • Not that many features
  • Buggy
  • New tab page can cause the repl to run out of memory (not my fault, just the repl not having enough ram)


PS: Thanks to the creator of the Skye New tab chrome extention. (https://github.com/BenAndy/SkyeNewTab)

Also, you know whats annoying? When you spend weeks on a project and you don't get any recognition but someone puts zero effort into something and gets tons of upvotes.

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