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Natural Selection Simulator
neodymium (30)

This is a simulation with squares (the predator) and circles (the prey). The circles start with different colors, and if they don't blend in with the background, they are seen by the squares and eaten. The circles that blend in will reproduce more and in the end, all the circles will be the same color. This same thing happens to animals out in the real world. Fullscreen reccomended.

katyadee (1184)

Are you going to submit this to the game jam? :O

neodymium (30)

@KatyaDelaney It's not a game, so no. I am working on an actual game tho.

Suparn (2)

hmm i glitched it so that there is no circles left... thats kinda cool

neodymium (30)

@Suparn It's not a glitch, the circles just so happened to not mutate to the right color. So they were all eaten.

eeleon01 (0)

All of my circles died. I'm so sad.