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Needle in the haystack
Coder100 (6515)


A fun game

How to play

  • Click play.
  • Click on the needle.
  • If you can't find the needle, there will be a circle that moves around randomly around the area where it is.
  • You have 45 seconds to win
  • Once the time is out, put in a name and we'll save your score! (only top 10 will be accepted)


  • Please do not change my database in any way, shape, or form. That is immensely annoying and mean. Please get your own at Thanks in advance!


Enjoy this game! I made it because I had nothing better to do.

Please vote up if you liked the game!

AdCharity (1307)

I'm confused... you've shown the ability to code backend, yet you put 200 lines of commenting as an attempt to hide your jsonstore key... and you hard coded your own scores...