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New Challenge - One new website per day!
bramley (196)

Hello all! Overnight, I had an idea to make a new challenge. This is gonna be called Once A Day! You must create one website per day for as long as ideas or suggestions come in. To participate, you must:
Mention @bramley and add #OnceADay in a share post
Put the challenge name and my name (in small text) somewhere on your index.html
Have fun!
Please put any ideas you have for my website in the comments below! I'm excited to see how many people join the #OnceADay challenge.
P.S. I'm going to try to give a suggestion to each participant, so be on the lookout for a comment by me!
(Edit - these don't have to be complex)

bramley (196)

tfw you forget to do the second day of your own challenge lmao


another upvote XD


Are you even allowed to do this kind of stuff?

bramley (196)

@Ihatenoeffort Could you please be more specific when asking me questions?


nice job.

rediar (324) kills websites though