New Game
MarcoOrdaz (1)

This need's to be tested so can people run it for me please. And also thank you.

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KeaganLandfried (27)

-Rules #4 'a' in "MAth" is capitalized.
-You have to type it exactly how its written., maybe make the categories not care if it is capitalized.
-Cross out the categories and amounts when the question is answered.
-When you answer wrong on WWII 200 it just stops program
-Rules go to a little to fast to read in time on a small screen
-typing in 'japan' instead of "Japan" will result in a wrong answer
-WWII 500 typing wrong answer stops program
-not entering two words for first and last name stops program
These are just some errors, however it is looking really good!

MarcoOrdaz (1)

@KeaganLandfried Thank you for the results I'll work on them.