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New years resolution generator!
Dart (1121)

Randomly generates a list of new years resolutions

for @CodingCactus's code jam :)

also a post to celebrate new years!!!

love you all, hope you guys have a happy new year

Redhawk405 (26)

1st resolution is to suffocate briefly
2nd resolution is to heave jubilantly
3rd resolution is to whine violently
4th resolution is to cripple jubilantly

Wow. lol. Upvoted.

PowerCoder (734)

I've always wanted to do that!

TsunamiOrSumth (547)

line 1 on the repl:

#YOU HAVE NO F** IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO GET THAT LIST OF VERBS, I SPENT 1 HOUR LOOKING FOR A DICTONARY API THEN I HAD TO FIND A LIST AND THEN I HAD TO TAKE THAT LIST THEN REDUCE IT INTO A PYTHON INDEX elapsed time to do this s****: 3 hours I HAVENT EVEN BEGAN TO WRITE THE ACTUAL PROGRAM YET LIKE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, the list of verbs originally had some bs in there and wasnt in the form of a python list right so i had to remove all the random bs with a seperate python program and i had to reduce it three times

Whippingdot (378)

you aren't supposed to swear that much... @DartZII

tickedoffsquid (5)

28th resolution is to penetrate commonly.........

Atolite (1)

k then guess I’ll recoil diligently

Whippingdot (378)

In line 7 you can just put plc += 1.

Dart (1121)

@Whippingdot also I had upvoted your post on the spot when I saw it

Whippingdot (378)

Thanks, I upvoted this post too @DartZII

merrybot (9)

1004th resolution is to hover violently

DogeTheGamer (1)

I got babble yearly and devalue knowingly, those were the funnisest!

JBloves27 (1504)

Haha, pretty funny! You should maybe add a limit to the integer of the resolutions

Dart (1121)

@JBYT27 wheres the fun in that?

JBloves27 (1504)

Well, jf bro kdbdfhnddkienffm XD @DartZII

DynamicSquid (4598)

I love the comments xD

Dart (1121)

@DynamicSquid im exited to see more of them lmao

OldWizard209 (959)

I think he meant those in the project XD @DartZII

DynamicSquid (4598)

@DartZII yeah, I meant the ones in your code xD

zhaq6129 (48)

1st resolution is to etch scarcely :)

bhavreenkaur (0)

it started from 2nd resolution and ended at 9th resolution when i asked for eight it gave me eight but going from 2-9

k9chelsea2 (763)

bruh, how did you come up with smth for the jam so quick im still in the thought process ;-;

Dart (1121)

whats this?!!?! two posts in one day???? im on fire :)

Codemonkey51 (1029)

yes, you are learning the way of the spammer @DartZII