🎮 Tetris [without canvas !]
smrsan761 (73)


Used no external libraries/frameworks.
(Just used the font-awesome icons.)
100% made by me!

I built this game using pure HTML, CSS, JS and without using the <canvas> element!
The most useful HTML element for making this game's UI is <div> !

❔ How to Play ?

  • Use Enter key to pause/resume (or restart the game after game-over).
  • Use ASDW keys or arrow keys to move & rotate the shape clockwise.
  • Use Q to rotate the shape counterclockwise.
  • Use E to rotate the shape clockwise. (alternate key for UP & W)
  • Use Ctrl key to hold the block.

💡 Tips:

  • Play it offline to load the SFX faster.
  • Customize the game by changing the values inside of config.js file.
  • Make the CONFIG.block.fragile property true/false, and see the difference!

🎮📖 Game Story:

At first you have 5 lives (by default) and $0. Each time you resolve the rows, you'll earn $10
for each row, and the speed of the game will be faster!

You can hold your money until you lose all your lives (😭😈).

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masfrost (108)

Nice. It's so smooth!

Do you plan on adding a hold button? Maybe it costs you $ to hold?

smrsan761 (73)

@masfrost Excuse me, I didn't understand your comment. Could you explain to me what "hold button" means?

( I've explained the keys here. )

masfrost (108)

@smrsan761 In most tetris modes you can save a piece for later https://tetris.fandom.com/wiki/Hold_piece

smrsan761 (73)

@masfrost Thanks for your nice advice. I'll implement that tomorrow. (here it's 3:00am)

smrsan761 (73)

@masfrost I've just implemented something like hold-piece.
Is that what you wanted ?

masfrost (108)

@smrsan761 YES! It works great! I've been playing it on and off all day :)

By the way, it would also be cool if there's a "Next" piece preview, see https://tetris.fandom.com/wiki/Next

masfrost (108)

@masfrost You should submit this to the challenge board. Do you mind if I move your post there?

Edit: nevermind just saw you submitted it :P

smrsan761 (73)

@masfrost Of course! I'm trying to implement that in the next 24 hours. 😉

smrsan761 (73)

@masfrost I implemented the "Next" piece preview,
and I have also changed the "Hold" piece feature according to this comment.
Is that what you wanted ?