vedprad1 (879)

Note: This is based off of the game
Try to get as many food pieces as possible so you can defeat the other player! This is a local multiplayer game, which the means the opponent has to be using the same keyboard.

Red Square: Use WASD or Red Buttons.

Blue Square: Use arrows or Blue Buttons.

Good Luck and make sure to vote this! Also, this has been posted under the share topic at:

This game has gotten a first place tie in the multiplayer game challenge!

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IbraheemRodrigues (86)

Nice concept, however I found the following bug - if one player makes his way into the other players corner and eats the other, the other then respawns in that corner again, and so is eaten and so respawns and is eaten and this repeats ad infinitum, making the game freeze. Maybe have the player respawn in a random location each time?

vedprad1 (879)

@IbraheemRodrigues Thanks for the feedback! It know places the defeated square at a random location if the opponent is at its natural spawn location.