Banking Simulator
AzureScripts (176)

I am working on this for game jam., and i would like some ideas for what i can do to improve!

Update 1.7:
Added more color (e.g red text when you LOSE money)
Added donation bin

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randomlylelo (35)

Nice game; however, there's a slight mistype, if you go to work, and accept advertisements, and you accept advertisements it will show on line 219, there are $$ Just remove one $. Also I had no clue on how to win or lose when I was playing, so I would add some instructions for the future, how everything works, like if I don't understand code I wouldn't understand anything... But it has great potential. Good Luck!

CaptainPlanet (1)

@randomlylelo i don't believe that one can just simply win at being a benker