Among Us
FloCal35 (123)

Yep, thats right, among us. This is a short playable story of among us. It has many differant paths and over 1,000 lines of code. It took me over 12 hours to complete. Upvote if you like it, comment why if you don't.
If you see any bugs, leave it in the comments.

Future content coming. Including...
1. Randomized tasks (That one's going to take a LONG time to code)
2. Private mode (Ngl, it's just going to be online mode but less loading)
3. Fix when you type something wrong it takes you to beginning (I've got a lot of comments about that)

EDIT: Don't expect all of the future content above to come soon. High school makes you busier than you think

EDIT: If you want to see your name appear as a game (I am only taking a few), type...

[My repl username] would like to appear on Among Us by @FloCal35.

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Viper2211 (82)

Nice job! One thing I would look out for is the exec command. It's not a good practice, and I think you would be better of using something like os.system('python3').

FloCal35 (123)

@Viper2211 Ok, I'll try that for my other pojects

firefish (524)

@FloCal35 Another way could be import ./game