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Connaro is a website made for the Discord Code Jam #9, to help people fight against the coronavirus and a bunch of other stuff. Let me explain:

In connaro, I tried to include everything a good website about the coronavirus should have : Real time data, interactive maps, chat within the quarantined community, ressources, scientific informations, etc...

However, some of the features need the creation of an account to access. But don't worry, I've made sure to encrypt your password, and no hacker will ever be able to steal your account. Moreover, if you want to just check the website and learn a few things, you can always visit it without signing in! Furthermore, the whole website is supported on pc, obviously, but also on phones and tablets. Which mean you can get updated of the latest moves of the coronavirus everywhere, at home or in the tramway.

Here are a few previews of the website:

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AdCharity (1112)

Nice project! Though the server seems to be broken :/ idk if we can fix our projects either considering the jam is over.