A very cool social media website!
RohilPatel (1226)

Yes, you may have seen this before

PlogoGram is on my profile, but I thought i would fix all the bugs, and so far I have only found one, but many of you won't be able to notice it unless I do something to allow it to happen.

I made this social media website 5 months ago, and @Vandesm14 decided he wanted to redo my css, so credits for him. The frontend is almost the same, however the backend is better than ever before.

I do realize I could show more than one post for recents if i wanted too, but I plan on discontinuing this service anyways, with the new release of PlogoPlus well on it's way.

Vote up if you notice anything new lol!

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SwaroopBappanad (40)

Nice work dude! Keep it up!

I say it like I'm talented lol

RohilPatel (1226)

Ha, lol. If u want, we can code on multiplayer. Just connect with me on the discord of this website @SwaroopBappanad