Wikigoogler (Question Answering Bot)
ArpanDhatt (159)

Wikigoogler: It's trying its best !

This is Wikigoogler, an AI which uses the power of Google and Wikipedia to find which answer it thinks is the most correct out of the choices you give it! Wikigoogler was formerly part of an HQ Trivia Bot(I never won any money, but it was a lot of fun making it). Here are a couple of questions I asked it and the answers I got:

What is the best operating system?
Linux, Windows, MacOS
Wikigoogler thinks its Linux. Looks like it knows its stuff! ;)

What is the most popular programming language?
Python, Javascript, C++, Java, Rust, Ruby
Wikigoogler thinks it is Javascript!

I hope you guys have fun playing with this! Sometimes it comes up with really funny stuff! Do you want to know what the best programming language is? Ask Wikigoogler and give it some answer choices!

I hope you all have fun playing with it! If you think it's cool, click that upvote button! If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them(or maybe you can just ask Wikigoogler! :D).

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