Defendor of Richthage - Beta v1.1
CarlosRosiles (151)

Defendor of Richthage

What is it?

This is a game where you have to defend the empire of Richthage. (I could not come up with another name, ok!) You are the Empires Finest Warrior and you have to again, defend Richthage from Goblins, Karen's, and Enemy People.

What can you do?

You can fight bravely, (Or run away, I dont blame you, the monsters are overpowered!) Shop, get A doggy dog to help you in battle!, Level up, Get Achievements and so much more!

Some more stuff while I was making it

I was going to write it in C++, like usual, but appending stuff to arrays is way more complicated than I thought (And more stuff). So I decided to stick with good old Python. And this was probably the first repl I made that had 0 bugs while I was making it! This is also one of my large repls that I made in a while.

Stuff that I (Might) add in Alpha

  • Less overpowered enemys

  • More achievements

  • Probably save your progress when you leave

  • A boss!


Creator - Me

Coded by - Me

Coded in - Python 3.8.2

CR Studios ® 2020

Please Upvote if you liked it, and let me know of any bugs or suggestions!

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