Node ChatRoom
RohilPatel (260)

this is a simple chat room I made. I haven't quite figured out how to keep messages permanent, so ya. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

New update: 5% credit to @AdCharity for adding some code.

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JacobMacLeod (10)

Can you store messages in a txt file?

syc1 (20)

@RohilPatel I once used a plain text file and jquery to make a chat. It worked, very badly, but it worked.

RohilPatel (260)

Could you elaborate on how u achieved this? Was there any database involved? @syc1

AdCharity (880)

@RohilPatel fs = filesystem. naturally fs can write into files.

syc1 (20)

@RohilPatel no, no database. i just made it so when a text file updated anyone viewing the page would see it in their chatbox
no message saving

sycrepl (0)

@RohilPatel I honestly don't remember.