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NodeJS chatroom!
pepelaugh (659)

Node.js chatroom!

Currently in Stable v1

this project was forked from This

Added Features:

  • Twitch Emotes! certain text will be replaced with emotes, for example 'PogU'
  • DJ system! (for everyone) Synced music across clients, depending on network connection. Anyone can add to the music waitlist using /dj [song name]
  • Play music! (only for you) Play music! You can view all music using /music and pause the music using /music pause and continue it using /music play
  • Dev features & VIP: if you would like access, comment and i'll ask you something...
Dev features: /sudo - change username /kick - kick all users /mute - mute all users /unmute - unmute all users


@coder100 - Formatted code.
@duck132912 - Original.

Extra Thoughts:

This project is done for now, so i'm thinking of doing a RPG using Javascript canvas (or text & buttons) If you would like to help me, comment.

Also feel free to take my code as long as you credit: If you are taking duck's though, credit him instead.
and for a final statement: Youtube is down rn lol

Edit a few days later... sorry for client side ;)

19wintersp (285)


Please don't do validation client-side. Anyone can just open the console and type io().emit("rr")

ZDev1 (818)

I tried LUL and PogU
It is not working tho

Edit: it is working now

pepelaugh (659)

update: this did not go well, massive spam. pls halp Update 2: now is unmod'd bc spam and stuff omfg