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Node.js REPL
Coder100 (15482)

NODE.JS repl

So @Andi_Chin made this and then @SvenDeveloper "made it better".
I'm here to make it best!

Revolutionary tactics

I think python good. But I must use node.js to make the code look neat and clean and expressive

const {_read, _eval, _print, _loop} = require("./repl.js");

Looks much better than python...just sayin'


If you look deeper into the code, we have 100% satisfaction guarantees. All the code is made so if the statement is like


Then it will return true and not be empty.
Also, errors will not kill the program, and I have added colors and also I have made it look 90% like my command prompt. Also, it is 90% accurate as to compiling.

node -e console.log('hi');

will run inline code. That is what is nearly happening here as well.


Actually please don't. I like 690 a lot.

Dart (1124)

And you asked three times for upvotes like chill out

Coder100 (15482)

Lol idk but now I'm at 690 so I'll remove that @Zexogon

Coder100 (15482)


Actually please don't. I like 690 a lot.


Coder100 (15482)

But 696 Is better just saying @Zexogon

ChungusFam (9)

Why did you make this?

SvenDeveloper (21)

But this is Javascript, not python

Coder100 (15482)

Yeah, that's why it is best :) @SvenDeveloper

Highwayman (1458)

Hmmmm. Maybe figure out a way to support the continuation of a line, like if I did
function x() {

Coder100 (15482)

Hmmmm ok like type .run to run it ok @Highwayman

Highwayman (1458)

@Coder100 yeah! Like keep a context like with regular node. Or maybe they already do that?