PartyChats update 1.3! (send images in chat)!!!
rafrafraf (90)

in this update, i added:
the ability to send images in chats,
the chats now will get all of todays messages only, until the user scrolls to the top and clicks view more,
the /color function now accepts hex colors too,
improved styles in general,
a drag and drop file at the make room section,
fixed many bugs.

this is an ongoing project ive been working on for just over a week.

im 17 at the moment taking a level computing.

i plan on adding in the future:
end to end encryption for chat messages and images,
a chat filtering option for rooms,
emoji buttons for non-mobile users,
and lots more!

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rafrafraf (90)

@NoelBryan that bug is to do with how repl writes to files. I will be fixing this tomorrow i know its annoying