Hello world! Current target: 100 languages!
Lost0Soul (91)

Hey there, according to this site there are over 800 programming languages in the world, and i'm even more sure that they all have a code to say Hello world! as every language does, duh.

So i made this repl, lets see in how many languages we can say Hello world!.

Please share your code on how to do so in the comments, Thanks!

Also, please upvote and share so more people see this and we can reach a huge amount of languages!


Contributons Can't keep up so removed 😅

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Codemonkey51 (834)

Nooo most of my knowledge is use less here, one sec I'll grab a repl, that uses as many lang's as I can (on a polygott repl) to print there name

EDIT: here @Lost0Soul

Lost0Soul (91)

@Codemonkey51 Thats a ton of languages!

Codemonkey51 (834)

I got close to almost all that I could actually get running (on a plain polygott repl) i think @Lost0Soul