The Most Simplest Program
Bookie0 (150)

Please try it and maybe 5 upvotes? Also comment if you want

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Edit: Hi, oh my gawd!!!! 78 upvotes!I’m so thankful for your comments as well!

Would you please mind to go to this repl:
Because I feel like this is a bit old now.

Have a nice day and thank you so much!!! 😀😃✌️🤟👌🤘👏👏

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Haaruun (93)

Normaly i dont like spam stuff like this.

But, Who can get mad at this...

Bookie0 (150)

Hi @Haaruun
What do you mean by spam stuff like this?

Anyway thank you for trying this and have a great day!

Haaruun (93)

I ment stuff that take no time to do and have no effort put in @Bookie0

Bookie0 (150)

Oh I [email protected]

Thank you for your response though!

Have a great day!