The Mandelbrot Set as seen on the Complex Plane
LizFoster (647)

I nearly forgot to post before bed T_T

I made this for a school project, but now that it is graded and fully optimized, I want to post it here ^..^

This uses a quite inefficient method for rendering the Mandelbrot set, in Python Turtle. It almost works like a printer. It took me eight days from when I started to complete the very first version, and then took me until yesterday to fully optimize it (It used to take an hour and a half to finish running T^T). It took my teacher's old iPad 4 minutes to render it in its current state!

Please enjoy .^ ^.

EDIT: Wow, this is on the hot tab. Everyone, thanks. ^ ^"

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JordanDixon1 (450)

Not bad. It's very satisfying to be honest. XD

LizFoster (647)

@JordanDixon1 Nyahaha, thanks ^ ^" Yeah, I love watching it appear in front of my eyes. It's such an amazing structure.