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Noughts and Crosses (The Game)
CodingCactus (56)

The classic game of Noughts and Crosses.

Because I was bored, and to be fair its quite a fun game to play (slightly addictive)

If you don't know how to play Noughts and Crosses then I assume you've never had a childhood but anyway:
Players go one after another until one gets 3 of their symbols in a row (or its draw and their is nowhere to play)

How to Play:
Enter coordinate of box that you would like to put your symbol (e.g. b2)

Coded it fairly quickly (while I was supposed to be having a (virtual) P.E. lesson) so if there are any bugs or major errors, then please let me know.

Have fun
and don't forget to up vote!

Adding cpu but having issues, you'll figure out what the issue is after a few tries. Any suggestions on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated

gatorade322 (1)

I think the last move of the CPU does not happen, and the player gets two turns in a row

CodingCactus (56)

@gatorade322 i know, im trying to fix it, any suggestions?

Uzalii (416)

Nice, However i would suggest a cpu player