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Number Game
DiamondDude1 (9)

My first program, please be merciful. Has a few bugs, and it's unfinished, but it can still be quite a challenge

RomeroSchwarz (267)

Cool first project! Try adding a filter that checks whether the input is actually an int (so it doesn't have an error message) and if it isn't prompt the player again.

nt998302 (160)

Nice work! Keep up the Python and I'm sure you'll make some great stuff.

RogueHalo (404)

Usually people start with a "Hello World" Program. Not modules and Flow Algorithms

DiamondDude1 (9)

@JacksonCowie not sure if this is a supportive comment, or just a criticism

AdCharity (1261)

@DiamondDude1 probably cause he's salty. Nice game :) My first code with a js 21 sticks (which was almost the same concept)

RogueHalo (404)

@DiamondDude1 It's neither, just saying that people usually start with something simpler than that. I.e-A Hello World Program.

DiamondDude1 (9)

@JacksonCowie by the description I meant by first program released to people, though I should probably add that to the description. Now I understand, thanks.

8D_Joe_Efretuei (74)

Yes I won, nice game keep up the good work

DiamondDude1 (9)

@8D_Joe_Efretuei Thanks for the support, it's these kinds of comments that motivate me to keep working on my games.