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[OLD] Rules for Posting - Read me!
timmy_i_chen (1097)

These rules are old, click the link below to view the new ones.

View the new rules here

Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards:

1 - Be kind and courteous to others
2 - Make sure that any feedback you provide is constructive.
3 - Outside links are allowed, but you must provide the source. Ideally, things that you post will have been created on
4 - Avoid posting overly promotional material - the focus is, and always will be, a programming, learning, and collaborative community. :)
5 - Don't spam! Keep things SFW (Safe For Work).
6 - Do not plagiarism - We've caught users plagiarising and we want to put an end to it. You will get caught if you plagiarise

We may revoke your access to these boards if you are found to be in violation of any of these rules.

Feel free to ask clarifying questions.

Last updated 11/03/19 8:21 EST

MeowC (50)

To put it simply:
Follow the rules or I'll weewoo loudly

MeowC (50)

@timmy_i_chen no nsfw posts allowed by order of the SFW foundation

IzanLarumbe (33)

@AquaMarine0421 What does the police say? (WEWOWEWOWEWO) (Follow the what does the fox say rythm tough lol)

RichardBranchfi (5)

I will make sure to follow these rules :D

rediar (326)

I will remember your legacy timchen, and I will honor it. Praise to the tim chen


@rediar join the tim chen cult


@rediar Yes. We must grow.

SchuylerD (1)






gaymer (9)

why do you ask to post on replit talk only in English?

timmy_i_chen (1097)

@gaymer Because is predominantly an English site (i.e. we don't offer for other languages yet) and we don't have any way of filtering different languages for boards. :(

AdCharity (1307)

@timmy_i_chen I know this is a bit old, but I recommend adding a language translator with google translate plugin in the settings to curb the problem.

wonderwomanpra (2)

i don't know what to say but thank you for your kind information

timmy_i_chen (1097)

@wonderwomanpra No problem! Thanks for using :)

Heypeoples2 (13)

Okay, so just be nice and post link only when it comes from repl. And give accurate comments etc. etc. Got it.

DaelenLaster (0)


DavisHight (0)

Thanks for the update

05cgr1207 (0)

Thank you Timmy, very cool

AidanMarden (4)

Repl should do a programming jam!

MadihaAhmad19 (3)

Here I have done the secure page activity using the flask package.
Please can you have a look at my code and see where I've gone wrong because even if the console/terminal section displays the message/title 'Hello, Repler!', it doesn't ask for the password in the URL according to the video in this link:

NadiaJenek (0)

hello my name is Nadia do you like me?

Heypeoples2 (13)

Um, can you talk in another language? (Looked at other comments)

qualladoom (320)

@Heypeoples2 No only in English. Feel free to remind other posters of that, but polite.

Heypeoples2 (13)

@enigma_dev Ahhhh, okay then. I was just wondering. Some people don't speak English though. :/ But I suppose the thing didn't make it clear enough.

ErrorRampage (0)

So does a sware count as nsfw, like I'm not planning to sware at other people or something like that.

Zavexeon (1041)

@ErrorRampage I feel like that would go under "Be kind and courteous".

Heypeoples2 (13)

@ErrorRampage You should be kind and courageous. There are many children on here as well.

PDanielY (1062)

@timmy_i_chen You don't work for anymore?

sayeem123 (0)

how do i start class? lamda school already completed precourse and challange..