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medcho (25)

I tried to make a game like Fortnite, so I picked out a mode from it. One shot looked quite easy to make as if you got hit once, you were dead, hence the name. It isn't perfect. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me.

CodingCactus (271)

your if statements probably don't work as intended, they should be more like (below) (if it isn't like below, then the statement will always be true, hence you always die):

if risk == 1 or risk == 3 or risk == 4 etc..:
CodingCactus (271)

and btw, how come RARA12SPQR has up voted all of your posts and has a very similar bio to you and also has no posts of their own


medcho (25)

Thanks for the suggestion
I will try it [email protected]

medcho (25)

Plus, RARA12SPQR is one of my friends and likes my [email protected]

generationXcode (33)

fortnite text version