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OOP Battleship Game
christianbm1 (16)

OOP C++ Battleship Game. It's a simple, 1 way game: player battles the computer.

There might be bugs.

Thanks a lot, Captain!

ElliottKness (6)

Honestly, I didn't mean to find this bug, but I accidentally typed "a*" into an attack and the whole page crashed on me. It did advance to try displaying the Previous Shots, but the website otherwise seized up. I'm assuming (in Java terms) the program was trying to throw a InputMismatchException or OutOfBounds error but failed and got stuck in an infinite loop. I don't know C++ that well, but I imagine this would be a simple fix to restrict a player to a specific format of typing and denying any character that is a special character or overall invalid format.

christianbm1 (16)

@ElliottKness That's right, should be an easy fix. An overloaded Getline() and string parsing should do the trick.

ElliottKness (6)

@christianbm1 - I figured it wouldn't be too complicated. Overall, this is such a cool concept! My AP Computer Science teacher was having us build a similar style of Battleship but within Java.

ItsEmpCs (39)

Add something like usleep(2000000) that waits for two seconds then move on at the start. Cause when you start it shows all of it at same time and that's not really convenient for iPad or small screen users

coderash (263)

I like it, you could add 2 human player setting???

christianbm1 (16)

@coderash This would be nice. To be honest, I would welcome help in that regard though!

ArnavPoddar (3)

I also think that it should display a message that says if a ship has been sunk for people that didn't read the beginning because it can cause people to waste shots

ArnavPoddar (3)


christianbm1 (16)

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Fixed a few of the bugs folks; still have a few more to squash.

Hope you guys enjoyed the game as much as I do!

MuntahaIslam (1)

Nice idea! Though it has a lot of bugs. Likewise, it does not take integers with 2 digits, hitting the shore reply's in two ways, no hit or exit, last question triggers system to pause etc. If you want, I can fork it out with trying to solve some of them by myself! Good job and good luck!

katyadee (1191)

@MuntahaIslam Seconding this! A few bugs, but still a really good idea. :D

JoshuaSturgell (0)

Yay! I won with no hits to spare. Good job!