OS Project
Kai_Justice (166)

I made this OS a week or two ago and I've been adding on to it for a while, if you have any feedback or tips please tell me, I want to improve this as much as I can.

Name suggestions are welcomed as well.
You will have to fork it to be able to create files.

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CSharpIsGud (414)

@Foster_Bryant bash is just the shell lang unix uses, if you know how to use a terminal then you know how to use bash. I just used it in order to chain the commands to compile and run the emulator.
You shouldn't be doing os dev until you fully understand the following:
Advanced C or C++:
Meaning you know what bitwise operations are;
Understand pointers and structs;
And finally, you can do things such as splitting 'strings' yourself,
you don't get a standard library when your the OS.
At least basic understanding of assembly and how memory is laid out.