Hacker22 (16)


What it is

Hi! This is my first time doing a competition sooooo... hi! This is basically a quick random searcher for reddit posts every 5 seconds, so you can get memes, to entitled parents stories! (for large more than 5 second reads, turn auto off by clicking it)


Its a really easy to use reddit random browser, and since it can access reddit, you have an almost infinite amount of images/posts/quotes this can display! From memes, to cool cute cats, to inspirational quotes!

Reccomended Subreddits

Really good with meme subreddits (u know it) and also works with text ones!

  • dankmemes
  • me_irl
  • entitledparents
  • prorevenge
  • programmerhumor


  • Added Sound for each meme
  • Added light mode
  • Added Neon and Blue themes
  • Cache implemented for super fast loading speeds
  • Added a "Sort By"
  • Added Reddit not Found Screen

Thanks for following and look forward for more!


Dark (normal)




About Me

Im a kid in California that is 8th going to 9th and I was bored so I did this! I searched up cloud hosting for my python programs when I was in 5th grade and after that I have been using repl.it! It has actually been really cool to see all the new features and looking at it grow! I like to debate, eat, read, and code. (im not THAT shallow but thats about it)

Thx for reading and have a great day!

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liltaco (68)

Oh no! I just found out I wasn't the only one making a Reddit client... Well, I don't think I can win this competition, this one's much better 😊. Just add a link to the post on Reddit if you want to share it, maybe show the upvote counter, and you're done.

Hacker22 (16)

@liltaco Thanks so much! Definitely added the features you said. When I started I looked through to make sure that no one else did that, and then when you commented I panicked, but then realized that you just posted it.

GJ on yours too! It looks rllly good!