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Bookie0 (2622)

Hola everyone!!!

Welcome to a collaboration between @ChezCoder and @Bookie0 !!!

what is it?

This is a hard game of a chance. How to play is explained in the rules.

login system

It has a login system that SAVES your username and password, as well as your money
So you just have to first sign up, and for the other times you can just login, and it’ll save for you! Even if you reload the page! : )


Also has a leaderboard that SHOWS everyone’s real time progress.

aim of game:

Reach the top of the leaderboard!!!Good luck (its pretty hard)

We hope you like this, and if you do,

Upvoting is Caring! 😊 😃

finally, I want to thank @ChezCoder for helping me achieve this game. Thanks dude, you’re really great! XD

Have a Wonderful day!

Edit: the login system now seems to work! Yay! But tell us if it isn’t, and if there are more bugs! Also, dont play the game in another tab, play it on this page itself.

Check this out: https://repl.it/talk/share/2K-Cycle-End-of-School-Special/41819

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Bookie0 (2622)

Oh wow, that’s a big chunk. I totally agree with you, I should improve a lot. The thing is, I don’t have much patience frankly, so yeah I find it hard to concentrate and learn something new. Thank you so much for the links, I’ll definitely use them. And thanks for taking interest in this.

On a side note, This might sound totally crazy, but do you live in New York near a Duane Reade, like were you on ur phone outside? I was passing by, and I’ve seen you on discord VC, and I thought you looked both similar... sorry if this seems intrusive.

Thanks again! :) @bramley