My new coding language.
LoganSpong (110)

First off, I am 10 years old. Do not expect much.

Also, I KNOW this is not a coding language. I get it.

This also took me around a month to make. Hope you enjoy!

Ok, this is my first post and I put a lot of hard work into this. Inspyre is a object oriented coding language built off of Python 3. I built this coding language because I believe that Python could be more object-oriented, and I wanted to mix JS and Python together. Anyways, to make your OWN Inspyre project, (and maybe the first), go-to and start coding!

How to use Inspyre

1. Variables

To use variables is the same as in Python. Don't know how?
Like in many other coding languages, you can assign a variable like this:

a = 32
b = 'Hello Python!'


2. Math

Inspyre has a lot of integrated math functions. There are the standard ones, like add, sub, mul, div etc. But there are also mod and expon functions as well.

3. Random

Inspyre has A LOT of random functions.
I can’t explain them all, but here is a list:

  • rand()
  • randbetween()
  • randuni()<-- My personal favorite.
  • randhex()
  • randbin()
  • randoct()
  • genletter()

4. Logic

There are multiple assert functions in Inspyre like:

  • GT Greater than
  • SGT Strictly Greater than
  • LT Less than
  • SLT Strictly Less than
  • EQ Equal to

There are also quite a lot of logic gates:

  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • NAND
  • NOR
  • XOR

5. The “console” class:

There are multiple functions for this as well, and color is also integrated.

  • w() Log something to the console(print)
  • wait()
  • line_break()
  • tab()
  • clear()
  • aspos()
  • double_aspos()
  • revrs()
  • unitrans()
  • ask()

5a. Color:

Whenever you want to change the text color, use this:

Color “hello world” red:‘hello world’)

The color functions were made using colorama.

6. JSON:

Dumping to a file:
jsonpy.dump(<filename>, <text>)

Loading a file:

7.Stream (Work In Progress):

Stream will make a updateable stream that can be used to:

  • Post Information
  • Update users
  • Log Things
  • and Make Notifications.

stream.create(<title>, <visible>)
Creates a stream with the title <title>.
If visible is “True”, it will print the stream.
Else, return None.

Update the stream with <text>.

Remove all posts with the key word <remove>.

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That’s all for now! If you would like to see a Part 2, where I cover more advanced things, comment! I might do so.

Bye! Stay Safe!

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CSharpIsGud (392)

Ok, im just going to blatantly come out and say it

THIS IS NOT A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE! it is just python with some classes!

Imagine I do this

output = print
true = True
false = False

...and say I made my own coding language. Thats what this is and I can't understand why these get so many upvotes. Not to be condescending but PLEASE PEOPLE acknowledge this.

BobNeo (34)

This took a lot of effort to make (unlike some posts) so can you please not hate on it? I’d understand if it was effortless like a lot of posts nowadays but this one took effort. @CSharpIsGud

CSharpIsGud (392)

@BobNeo This is just python, have you noticed how the syntax of this "language" is the EXACT SAME as python?
Thats because its just python except he defined classes.
I can handle not pointing out to people how effortless those effortless posts are, but since I make real languages with actual parsers, when someone comes and makes renamed python and people buy it I get real sick

BobNeo (34)

Can you not hate on people’s projects unless they are actually effortless? You should read the rules of, it CLEARLY states only constructive critism is allowed.

LoganSpong (110)

@BobNeo Same. This is my first post, but that is straight up mean. Hey, @CSharpIsGud why don't you make your own coding language?

LoganSpong (110)

@CSharpIsGud I worked a MONTH on this.

CSharpIsGud (392)

@LoganSpong @BobNeo I did, and it has a real parser. and this is constructive criticism because this is literally just python, there is no parsing, nothing. just python classes thats IT

CSharpIsGud (392)

@LoganSpong It doesn't matter how fast you type, only the end result

LoganSpong (110)

@CSharpIsGud Ok, and? What does it mean that I should take in your ideas? I can change the name, but I LITERALLY ADMITTED THAT "I am a 10-year old. Don't expect much." Also, can we stop this? This is a unmeaningful fight. Peace?

ShivankChhaya (23)

@CSharpIsGud That is really mean. Sure, it is just python, but as he said, he is 10(me too)!

AmazingMech2418 (485)

@CSharpIsGud Just stop. I know it is not technically its own programming language, but why can't it still be a dialect of Python? Also, you calling everything "fake" won't get people to make "real" versions, it will just get you reported.

LoganSpong (110)

@AmazingMech2418, @ShivankChhaya, @BobNeo, and @NoelBryan, thanks for helping me. You know, with the whole "not a coding language" thing? I think we all learned a good lesson. Bye!

CSharpIsGud (392)

@AmazingMech2418 Because its python, not a dialect.
Im sorry if the truth hurts your feelings, but its impossible for me to see this and not make sure everyone knows what it actually is. So next time I will make sure to try my best to ignore

AmazingMech2418 (485)

@CSharpIsGud It uses different function names. You can consider it a library or a dialect, it's really just your choice on that one. Also, I know it is different than writing an interpreter, but that doesn't mean it isn't a language.

CSharpIsGud (392)

@AmazingMech2418 My definition of a dialect is a language that inherits syntax from another but is different in some way

now dart has some syntactical sugar or something over javascript, yes?
so if I made classes in python and import them, do I change the syntax of python?

I can only apologize for people thinking im "hating" by trying to get people to understand the difference between python and not python
Effort might be relative but things claiming to be something they aren't annoy me real fast

AmazingMech2418 (485)

@CSharpIsGud Yes, this is Python, but Clojure is also Lisp, so why can't you consider this language an actual language? A language is really any set of functions with a syntax that can be used by a computer to do something which is what this does, so I consider it a language, although not entirely independent since it is really just a dialect (or maybe even quasi-dialect) of Python.

LoganSpong (110)

@AmazingMech2418 Oh yeah, never thought of it like that! ANd python is techinically C++, so, why not?

BXRStudios (0)

@CSharpIsGud I like it though, just because it is just Python, it has some heart to it and I wouldn't understand why you would hate, as he said, he is 10 years old but he's clever for such an age like 10 years old

CSharpIsGud (392)

@BXRStudios the problem wasn't about the quality or effort, its that it is just python but was branded like a whole new language.

DynamicSquid (862)

@CSharpIsGud I agree. @AmazingMech2418, @BobNeo, @BXRStudios, @ShivankChhaya a language is not classes. Python is not C++ classes.

Like think about it from CSharps's perspective. He actually makes real languages, so think about how he feels when this post comes along. I know I would feel a bit mad too. I'm just saying look at another perspective. Maybe CSharp isn't being too mean.

Also age doesn't really matter, so please stop bringing up how the OP is 10 years old. Sure, that's great, but that's not an excuse.

But the thing I hate the most is how people actually think this is a real language, how misinformation spreads. I think that's the biggest problem here.

AmazingMech2418 (485)

@DynamicSquid You are right that a language isn't classes, but you can use classes to change the names of functions in a language to make it sort of like a dialect of that language.

DynamicSquid (862)

@AmazingMech2418 well, I would say not, but that's not the point. The point is that this post claims to be a language, but it's not, and many people believe it.

ShivankChhaya (23)

@DynamicSquid Yes. I agree too. We should all get over this and stop.

AmazingMech2418 (485)

@DynamicSquid Though, one thing you must admit is that C++ is really just C with added functions...

DynamicSquid (862)

@AmazingMech2418 no not really, they're two very different languages

CSharpIsGud (392)

@AmazingMech2418 C++ has classes and made many changes to C, simply creating functions in a language does not make a dialect of that language, it just defines functions. the syntax stays the same

nikilS (1)

@CSharpIsGud He is 10 like me and most kids our age don't code he did a lot and its pretty impressive.

Crcoli7307 (12)

@CSharpIsGud I understand this but if you were 10 years old and made your own programming language you would be really proud of it, and you would go crying back to your room if someone posted a condescending message like you did so please accept the fact that this programmer is trying to make cool things and you are sitting at your desk wishing you had more hot pockets to shove in your mouth. And besides, you couldn’t do any better.

codecademy123 (21)

@CSharpIsGud Damn this thread pretty long. tbh I agree with you, in that this isn't really a true programming language. But from @LoganSpong 's perspective, he thought he spent a lot of time. What you can usually do is compliment them, THEN point out areas of improvement.

codecademy123 (21)

@LoganSpong I think its pretty cool that you made something that took 350 lines and 1 month to write. However, I think you have to understand why @CSharpIsGud is very frustrated. If you look on his profile, he also has some pretty impressive stuff. He feels that he should also be able to get as much recognition. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that he is trying to say that effort is not necessarily ONLY how much time you spend, but also how much thought you put into it. Renaming existing functions doesn't necessarily capture the essence of writing a language, which is to process the text character by character (among MANY other things). Writing a parser is very different, and requires a lot more thought, just like how Guido van Rossum wrote Python! Being open to certain criticism is always good, especially since he wasn't trying to hurt your feelings on purpose. Good luck!

CSharpIsGud (392)

@Crcoli7307 1) even at 10 years old you would not go crying back to your room when someone points out that it isn't what you said it was 2) I already have 3) Why are you trying to revive this

CSharpIsGud (392)

@codecademy123 My issue wasn't mainly about how much effort it took.
It could take days or it could take 5 minutes. Its how everyone treats it like its an entirely new language that gets on my nerves so much

codecademy123 (21)

@CSharpIsGud don't take it too seriously. if you have a younger sibling, they will always get a lot more attention for every little thing they do than what you get. also, its best to keep the conversation cordial.

CodeSalvageON (384)

@Crcoli7307 lmfao he has done better my nicka

codecademy123 (21)

@Crcoli7307 smh stop making personal attacks by saying "And besides, you couldn’t do any better." if u have seen his profile, he has some impressive stuff.

BXRStudios (0)

@DynamicSquid Yeah you’re actually right though @CSharpIsGud sorry. :(