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Old-school 3D Maze Game
Hashcode (189)

NOTE: Best played in full-screen due to the height of the render frame.

I tossed this together to explain to my kids what older games used to look like.

The premise is simple: use the arrow keys to move forward / backwards and rotate left / right to find the treasure in the fewest # of moves.


Hellohow (3)

cool game, beat twice with 3 moves

Hashcode (189)

I made the view larger.. but maybe it's too big now? Not too mobile friendly.

LizFoster (607)

Really nice! The graphics are a bit odd to watch when two directions look the same, but otherwise, good job!!

JeremyIrwin (41)

cool design, didn't even need to use tkinter! but it might be better with more levels possibly

Hashcode (189)

Few changes to make the game more fun:

  • Fixed the overlapping rooms issue
  • Added a "modes" selection:
    • Easy mode is the current game: 10 rooms with full visibility
    • Normal mode is: 20 rooms with full visibility
    • Hard mode is: 20 rooms with limited visibility
    • Xtreme mode is: 40 rooms with limited visibility
Pythonier (313)

Really Cool Game!!!

Ov3R10rd (64)

You enter a large room, where you notice a large treasure!

cool game though!