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CodeSalvageON (571)

Today's project signifies some progress I have made. From now on, I will use much more NodeJS. It will be great. Well, after I create Zwack Overflow of course!

SixBeeps (2988)

MmmmMmMmMM yes. I like this idea.

EthanCulp2 (4)

This is amazing! Nice job on this! What is zwhack overflow?

CodeSalvageON (571)

@EthanCulp2 Zwack Overflow is a joke project. I might make it. Also, thank you!

Giothecoder (130)

O.o you go to MSMS??

Giothecoder (130)

@CodeSalvageON UwU I was at MSMS a uear or two ago I’m so sad now that would have been cool to meet you :(

CodeSalvageON (571)

@Theboys619 ok lol
i will use NodeJS my clanker