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Online Minecraft!
bluewolfgh (192)

I have used my Three.js skills to create an online version of the game Minecraft. Now, you may be thinking: "This is not Minecraft at all! There's no survival mode, no crafting, no mobs, blah blah blah...", but this is my BEST work, and I'm not joking!

The game is not supported on:

You can play the game here.

If you would like to request an update, please contact me by email.


bluewolfgh (192)


nt998302 (194)

Good stuff! When u say "but this is my BEST work, and I'm not joking!", there's nothing to feel ashamed of, for a "Best" work, this is great! Especially noting that u don't use unity and unreal engine like me 😂

Mysiph (5)

good stuff, but if you hold s while looking at the ground, you just supersonic into the sky ;-;

bluewolfgh (192)

Its not a bug. Its a feature that I added just for fun called Yeet Cannon.

AgastyaSandhuja (156)

and I'm gonna upvote just 'cause of that xD @bluewolfgh

code913 (7)

I miss my right-click button.

OctagonalT (6)

the fps of the game is like the fps of the actual game when running on my computer! 0!

arjgupta (2)

This is honestly fire!

Whacko (224)

Honestly, the best remake of Minecraft I've ever seen on


Cool, It's pretty interesting.

RobertFurr (59)

Wait.. this is kinda buggy still-

ColinEdwardEdwa (1)

If you run backwards, it will sometimes fling you really high in the air.

03796 (1)

honestly, this is pretty awesome, man! although it's rather bare-bones as a copy of minecraft this is pretty good!

ABush7 (1)

Jumping is fun.

Kaitlyn20069 (1)

the speed is really fast,and it's hard to control speed.

HeadSucksAtLife (122)

Hey @bluewolfgh, your profile bio reads, that you want a different username? Just click here to read a post by @Coder100 about how to change your username!

DillonGardner (0)

Very cool! Still some lingering bugs though, I kept falling through blocks when I moved forward, but other than that, pretty good! I don't think I could make something like this!

fortheiy12 (0)

I got to say, it is slightly, ok I will say, it is bad, but it is a start, maybe we can insert piracy here rip off minecraft, I mean then have a a play list of videos for that.

Nediakstudios (85)

Can I see support for IOS chrome?

ConnorMcclanagh (1)

congrats i suck at coding sooooo ye I just play games people do and email the link to my freinds

Librechain (0)

Lol. This game is tough dude. ('tough' as in very cool!)

Was surprised when I came across this and I read the whole, 'Play minecraft in your briowser' - but figured that I'd check it out to see whether you were legit or not.

Checks out. I'm actually kind of surprised because sometimes my add-ons break pages for me. So you must have this set up in a super duper clean ass why man.

Def will be showing other people this today haha. Keep it up.

SujitVellanki (0)

This is great it looks really close to the actual game

tankerguy1917 (37)

this reminds me if minecraft 4k

BrokenKeyboard (0)

I found a bug. Look down, and rapid press space bar. This launches you forwards. and you move an absolutely inhumane speeds.