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Online repl spammers|How to face them|SkyyCivil
SkyyCivil (119)

please report things like this to ADMIN

There have been alot of people who like to spam you, and tell you what you did was pointless or 'trash'.
If you have been experiencing this, and found a way to stop it, you can post in here.
This is for those who dont know how to deal with people online that mess with you.
i understand it may be hard to ignore the most ignorant of people, but it is worth it!


This post isn't very useful as you are part of the problem. Most of your posts / comments are you just begging for upvotes.

Zavexeon (1027)

Yep, contrary to popular belief, the Report button actually works. It really helps us find spam!

SkyyCivil (119)

That's nice to know!
al least we don't report for no reason

mat1 (3333)

@SkyyCivil You'd be surprised how many false reports there are because someone can't take criticism or the reporter didn't read the rules


Why cant I talk back? Its fun

SkyyCivil (119)

its not the right thing to do
please don't post ridiculous statements

SkyyCivil (119)

this includes:
Un-constructive crit

SkyyCivil (119)

One thing you can do is happen to be associated with an admin, this will give you easier access.

mat1 (3333)

@SkyyCivil does it still count if im associated with myself?

SkyyCivil (119)

lol thats fine
knock yourself out :- )@mat1

SkyyCivil (119)

hey mat
is it possible for me to become a mod
how long does it take
i would make a good mod

theangryepicbanana (1629)

@SkyyCivil btw it's theangryepicbanana not TheepicAngryBanana ;)

mat1 (3333)

@SkyyCivil The admins will contact you if they think you'd be a good fit for the moderation team