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Overcomplicated Hello World
MrPerson01 (130)

In this repl, i over complicate the simple Hello World program by using my prunt function and I use a list and a for loop, even though I could just type print('Hello World')

MarcusWeinberger (155)

what do you think of mine? It's also in one line. It works by converting numbers into ascii and printing that. It gets the numbers from some maths that gets the numbers 1 through 7 (that I use in the math) from the argument count of all those lambdas.

MrPerson01 (130)

@MarcusWeinberger That one is way longer than mine. Cool!


im actually making a version of this but in c++ it is currently at a little over 100 lines

AdCharity (899)

There's probably a better way to seperate the string rather than just manually doing it

MrPerson01 (130)

@AdCharity Probably, but this was just a quick thing that I made for fun