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GeneralBaker (47)


Still more features coming in the non-too distant future!

Also please note the physics are really buggy.

Also note you cannot win (or lose), just play around with jumping and moving a little.

Thanks for checking out my project!


Up arrow (or space) to jump, left and right arrows to move, you know, left or right.

Make sure to click the html before playing or the game won't pick up your movement!

SeamusDonahue (90)

so it um... has some collision glitches

GeneralBaker (47)


"Also please note the physics are really buggy."

That is my main focus. It should be fixed in the next release!

QBeaumont (7)

do you know how to make a timer in python I need help for one project
just send me the code pls

GeneralBaker (47)

Sorry no, but you may have more luck if you ask in the forum ;) @QBeaumont

SeamusDonahue (90)

wdym timer? counting down up? for what purpose? I could help you, just be more specific. @QBeaumont

QBeaumont (7)

One that counts down in a loop. @SeamusDonahue

SeamusDonahue (90)

then why not just do something along the lines of this:

import time
timer = 100 #or whatever you want the max seconds to be
for I in range(timer):
    timer -= 1


509robotic (3)

its broken. the project stops after he touches the ground what do i dO? EDIT: nvm it works now

QBeaumont (7)

This is really cool

QBeaumont (7)

@GeneralBaker You just need to fix the walls and the physics.
But overall its good

GeneralBaker (47)

Yeah that is top priority on my to-do list. @QBeaumont