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Painting app in the terminal
theangryepicbanana (688)

A (work in progress) painting app in the terminal!

Things to note:

  • it's a bit laggy (upvoting this post makes it faster though).
  • click the color you want to use.
  • the bottom color actually toggles the eraser (doesn't always work the first time for some reason).
  • sometimes pixels are random drawn at the top. idk why.

If you like this, please upvote it and give me any suggestions you have for this!

HappyFakeboulde (211)

Yay my art got featured

HappyFakeboulde (211)

I like it; also, it's quite laggy, so I upvote to make it faster.

JSer (1097)

Use the new Sixel mode in xTerm

PYer (2049)

I think it needs to be faster. When I move my mouse fast it doesn't work.