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Pava 0.4
MesyetiIsTaken (53)

This is a random thing I decided to make. This is a BETA, don't expect anything big. I've not done alot of commands, but if you want you can make a small program with it, and put python code in the mix. There are some things I won't be changing, like var = "something" since the python one is good enough.

Remember, this was only made for fun

NoelBryan (252)

In your credits you should have said thanks to @Kopamed, because you used his version to clear the screen, not @Bookie0’s method.

Kopamed (208)

@NoelBryan I agree with you but my credits should have gone to @LoneAce for taking it from his Hax Game

LoneAce (222)

@Kopamed Wow didn't know someone would reference my older pieces of work lol. @MesyetiIsTaken you can use from pava import * to import all the functions from the pava module

MesyetiIsTaken (53)

Thanks :) I will add this in Pava [email protected]

AmazingMech2418 (461)

So, is this supposed to be sort of like an implementation of Java in Python?

ZacPlayz (63)

How did u make a program language??

MesyetiIsTaken (53)

made the functions in which I then used from pava import to import all of the commands into for use @ZacPlayz

ZacPlayz (63)

@MesyetiIsTaken I just saw ur Java web applet test program. I see that u tried to make a java program in the HTML program. Instead of using .class use .java